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4Linux 10 To 14 Days An Eternity In Internet Time 13,000 Emails 900 Lb Gorilla 2000 US Presidential Election Able Endie Abraham, Josh Adam Metz Africa African Americans And Free Open Source Software African Americans And Technology African American Youth And Free Open Source Software African Army Ants, Swarming And Akhundov, Emin Alameda County Computer Resource Center Alan Kay Alexandro Colorado Alternageek Amadeu, Sergio Amazon Amy Wohl Andago Andre Midani Andre Schnabel Andrew Fife Andrew Pitonyak Angle, Colin Anna Malmrose Anthony Long Anthropologists Studying Free Open Source Software Anthrotronix, Inc. Anti-rivalrous Anti-Rivalrous Nature Of Open Source Software Antonia "Toni" Stone Apache Apache And Linux Apache Foundation Apache Software Foundation Apple And Lock-in Apple OS X Appreciate And Give Back Aranyosi, Margaret Architecture, Spain, Sunny Day ARPANET Arthur The Contrarian Moves His Friends To FOSS Assigment Zero Assignment Zero Asymmetrical Market Shield Asymmetrical Market Skills (sword) Athena Project, History Of ATM GUI ATMs As Computers Augustin, Larry Aust, Holden Austin, Texas Australia Austria Aviram, Mariva Azerbaijan Azeri B-roll B-roll, 4Linux B-roll, Linspire's Former Campus B-roll, Linux World Expo 2008 B-roll, Salk Institute B-roll, Store, Toronto, Canada B-roll Berlin Conference B-roll CitizenSpace, San Francisco B-roll Extremadura B-roll Extremadura Countryside B-roll Felton, California B-roll Madrid B-roll Merida B-roll Merida Landscape B-roll Merida Town B-roll B-roll Porto Alegre B-roll RoboNexus Robotics Conference B-roll Sao Paulo B-roll Sao Paulo Conde Matarazzo City Hall Building B-roll Tux Bachard, Eric Badajoz Baden-Wuertemberg Bailey, Dwayne Baker, Heather Baku, Azerbaijan Balance Of Trade Ball, Sterling Barack Obama Barn-raising, Open Source As Bartol, Thomas Bdale Garbee Becker, Don Behlendorf, Brian Bellanet Beowulf Berkeley, California Berlin 2004 Berlin Conference 2004 Best Of Breed Bev Harris Bhaskar Chakravorti Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Bill Huey Birmingham, UK Black Box Voting Black Vote Blogs Blogs, And News Bob Kerr Boh3m3 Boncilhon, Jean Francois Bonewald, Silona Borland Boston Bowman, Grant Brain Branco, Marcelo Brasil Brasil ITI Brauener, Horst Brazil Brazil, Open Source's History In Brazil, Popularity Of Open Source Brazil, Popularity Of Open Source In Brazil2004 Brazilian Culture Minister Gilberto Gil Brazilian IT President Sergio Amadeu Brazil ITI Brian Behlendorf Brooks Law And Free Open Source Software Bruce Perens BSA BSA Raids Buckman, John Burgett, James Burick, Thomas Burkina Faso Business Models For Open Source Business Models For Open Source, Code Adaptation Business Models For Open Source, Computer Games Business Models For Open Source, Education Business Models For Open Source, In-house Code Production Business Models For Open Source, Licensing Fees Business Models For Open Source, Retail Computer Stores Business Models For Open Source, Robotics Business Models For Open Source, Subscriptions Business Models For Open Source, Support Business Models For Open Source, Support Fees Business Models For Open Source, Value Of Community Contributions Business Software Alliance Bux Fixes, More Rapid In Open Source Buying Hierachy, Cost Of Acquisition Buying Hierarchy, Cost Of Acquisition Cafiero Cafiero, Larry Cafiero, Mirano Caitlin Hill Calaveras County, California California California Recall Of Governor Gray Davis Caltek Camara, Frederico Canada Caribbean Carlos Castro Castro Car With Its Hood Welded Shut Car With The Hood Welded Shut Casas Luengo, Luis Casebeer, Christa Castro Castro, Carlos Cat Five Cathy Malmrose Cazin Cerberian, Inc. Chad Smith Chad Smity Story Chakravorti, Baskar Chakravorti, Bhaskar Changing Software Meta-habits Changing Technology, Changing Culture Charles Kalil Charles Schulz Cheap Cheaper Children And Open Source Children And Programming Chile China China And Free Open Source Software Chris Moody Chris Prahacs Christa Casebeer Christensen, Clayton Christensen, Examples Of Competing Value Networks Christian Einfeldt Christian Hardy Christian Ude Christine Strobl Christophe Christophe Cazin Citizen Journalism CitizenSpace CitzenAgency Claudio Menezes Clay, Roy Clayton Christensen Clean Drinking Water Clue Train Manifesto Clunky Interfaces Clyde Vaughn Code As Creative Expression Code As Puzzle You Share With Others Coleman, Gabriella Colin Angle Collabnet Collective Innoivation Collective Innovation Collective Property Colleges And Free Software College Students, Using Open Source College Students Imitating Others In Using Open Source Software Collins, Tristan Colorado, Alexandro Commodities, Adding Value To Community And Meaning Community Union Compaq History Competition, Open Source Fosters Competition Between Linux Biz Hub And Microsoft Biz Hub Computer Games Congo Con Hennessy Consumer Detriment Due To Microsoft Monopoly Consumers Learning To Learn Control, And Open Source Control Of Consumers Coolness Of Open Source Software Copyright Cartel Copyright Infringment Cost Of Microsoft Windows Cost Of Open Source Software Cover-up Covered Bridge Park, Felton, California Cramming Cramming, Microsoft And SaaS Creative Commons Creative Commons And Free Open Source Software Crime And Telecenters CRM Cross-platform Nature Of Open Source Applications Crowd, Public Square, Spring Weather Culturally Relevant Software Culture Of Dependency With Proprietary Software Culture Of DIY With Open Source Culture Of Sharing Customers Too Small For Market Leader Daily Kos Dan Gillmor DARPA Da Silva, Lula And Open Source Data Center And Open Source Davide Dozza David Eisenberg David Silverman David Wendt Dawson, Kendall Debian Decentralized DEC History De Icaza, Miguel Delacroix, Etienne Democracy Democracy And Free Flow Of Information Democracy And Information Sharing Democracy And Open Source Democracy And Open Source Software Dendi, Vikram Desktop And Open Source Desktop GNU Linux Desktop Linux Summit Desktop Migration, Applications Important In Desktop Migration, And Developing Countries Dickey, Garth Diebold Diebold Memos Diego Gomez Deck Differences Between Free And Open Source Software Digital Divide Digital Inclusiveness Initiative Of Extremadura Digital Millenium CopyRight Act Digital Nomads Digital Tipping Point: Linux On Old Computer Hardware Gets At Risk Youth Back In The Game Digital Tipping Point As Inevitable Digital Tipping Point Not Certain Digital Tipping Point To Happen First Outside The USA Digital Tipping Point Will Be Sublte But Pervasive Dirk-Willem Van Gulik Disadvantages Of Moving To Open Source DISO Disruptive Channels Disruptive Innovation Disruptive Innovations Explained Disruptive Technologies, Safe Harber For Disruptive Technology Distributed Journalism DIY DIY And Freedom DIY Becoming More Commonplace DIY Possibilities DMCA Doc Searls Documentation Good For Linux Dolby Laboratories And Free Open Source Software Domino Effect Donahue, Paul Don Becker Dozza, Davide DRM DTP No Keywords DTP No Subject Dwayne Bailey Earl Malmrose Early Adopters, Questions For Earth Hour Ease Of Use Economic Development EDC Edinburgh Education Development Corporation EEE PC EFF Einfeldt's Berlin Presentation Conference 2004 Einfeldt, Christian Eisenberg, David Elections Electronic Frontier Foundation Elisabeth Norris Elmer Rivera Embedded Linux Emerging Markets Emi Grannis Emin Akhundov Endie, Able End User Adds Value Enfobridge England Enric Teller Eric Bachard Eric Rufle Eric S. Raymond Ernie Ball ERP Etienne Delacroix ETrade Evan Littman Everyone Going To Be A Geek Evolution Project And Novell Extremadura Extremadura, As IT Exporter Extremadura, Schools Extremadura Center For New Initiatives Extremadura Information Society Extremadura Landscape Extremadura Stork Fair Use Family Computers Felton Felton, California Felton Farmers Market Activism Felton Presbyterian Church Fewer Hardware Cycles With Open Source Fife, Andrew Financially Sustainable Open Source Find Your Voice Finland Firefox Fischer, William Fish FISL Con 5 FISL Conference Flavio Santino Flexibility Of Free Open Source Software Flexiety Flicker Forced Ugrade Cycles Forced Upgrade Cycles Foreman, Kevin FOSS Newbie France France, UTBM France Telecom Francisco Antonio Paco Huertas Mendez Frank Greene Frederico Souza Da Camara Free Computers Free Culture's Motto Freedom And Open Source Software Freedom Doesn't Protect Itself Freedom In Cyberspace And Political Freedom Freedom Of Choice Of Auto Mechanics Freedom Of Choice Of Software Vendors Free Open Source Software, History Free Open Source Software Robotics Free Operating System Free Software Free Software, Free Culture Free Software, History Of Free Software And Free Culture Free Software And Free Markets Free Software As A Human Right Free Software Like Lunch Recipies French Air Force French Ministry Of Economics, Finance And Industry French Ministry Of Education French Ministry Of Equipment French Ministry Of The Interior French Police, Civil Security, And Communications Friedman, Nat FUD Functionality Disrupting Branding Fundecyt Gabriella Coleman Gago, Ismael Ali GAIM GAIM Has No Audio, Video Game Consoles Games Garage Garbee, Bdale Garden Grove, California Garth Dickey Gautier, Sophie Germany Gerry Singleton Get The Facts Campaign Get The Facts Campaign, Microsoft Getting Under The Hood Gettys, Jim Gil, Gilberto Gilbert, John Gilberto Gil Gillmor, Dan GIMP GIMP Clunky Gitaru Water Self Help Project Give A Brick, Get A House Given Enough Eyeballs, All Bugs Are Shallow Gladwell's Connectors Glasgow Glazounov, Vladimir Globalization Globalization And Free Open Source Software GNOME GNU, History Of GNU/LinEx GNU/Linux GNU And Linux GNU A Recursive Acronym GNU Linux Supercomputers Golden Gate Bridge Gomez Deck, Diego Good-Day, Japan Good Enough Google Google And GNU-Linux Google Docs Got Rid Of Microsoft Gotta Digg Gotta Have It Government And Free Open Source Software Grannis, Emi Grannis, Kina Grannis, Misa Grant Bowman Grassroots Politics And Open Source Gray Davis Green Background, Medium Shot Greene, Frank Green Party Green Party And Open Source Greiner, Helen Guerillas GUI, User-friendly Hall, Jon Maddog Hamburg, Germany Happy Hour For Biz Partnerships Hardy, Christian Harvard Square Harvey, Patrick Heather Baker Heavy Metal Now Disrupting Microsoft Heilig, Joerg Helen Greiner Helios Helios Solutions Helios Solutions West Helix Hennessy, Con Hentzenwerke Publishing Hermann-Josef, Pelgrim, Schwaebisch, Hall, Linux, GNU/Linux Hermann-Josef Pelgrim Hermano Vianna Hewlett Packard Hill, Caitlin Hiser, Sam History Of Free Open Source Software History Of The Linux Kernel Hoang, Le Minh Ho Chi Minh City Hogg, Jim Holden Aust Hollywood Hood Welded Shut Horst Brauener HP History Hrp2 Humanoid Robot Huertas, Paco Huertas Mendez, Francisco Antonio Paco Huey, Bill Humanity Of Robotics Humanoid Robots Humphries, Natasha Hunt, Tara Ian Lynch Ian Murdock IBM IBM Versus Microsoft Icaza, Miguel De Imperialism India Indianapolis 500 And Linux Infamous Diebold Memos Information Sharing As More Efficient Information Society Of Extremadura Infrastructure And Open Source Infrastrucuture INGOTs Innovation, Myth Of Microsoft Innovation Innovation And Modularity, Examples Of Insecure Elections Insecurity Of Microsoft Windows Inherent Installfests International Development Research Center International Nature Of Open Source Software Internet Internet, And News Internet And Open Source Software Internet As Distribution Channel Internet Explorer Internet Explorer As Virus Magnet Internet Road-builder IRobot IRobot Corporation IRobot PackBot Irrigation Ismael Ali Gago ISPs Intimidated Italian Language Project, OOo Italy ITI Jack Messman Jackson, Jason Jack Vice Jacob Saufer Jacqueline Rahemipour Jake Malmrose James Burgett Japan Jason Jackson Java Jay Moore JBoss Jean Francois Boncilhon Jesus Rubio Hernandez Jim Gettys Jim Hogg Jin Sato Jobs-to-be-done Test Jobs Lost To Globalization Joel Trigger Joerg Heilig John Buckman John Gilbert John Koenig John McCreesh Johnson County Community College John Van Ostrand John William Templeton Jon Maddog Hall Jordan Jose Luis Redrejo Rodriguez Jose Redrejo Josh Abraham Julian Summers Kalibar, Nigeria Kalibar Medical Students Kalil, Charles Kampala, Uganda Kansas City, Missouri Kawada, Tadahiro Kawada Industries Kay, Alan KDE Keep The Money At Home Kellogg Kellogg, Sean Ken Kendall Dawson Kenneth Wyrick Ken Starks Kenya Kerr, Bob Kevin Foreman Kina Grannis Kindergarten Funding Saved King, Martin Luther And Free Open Source Software KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy KITE, Inc. Koenig, John Konqueror Kooz, TJ Kory Malmrose Laggren, Rufus La Jolla, California La Mesa Public Schools (California) LAMP Stack Language Localization Larry Larry Augustin Larry Cafiero Larry Lessig Larry Ortega Las Lomas Hotel Latin America Laudio Menezes Leadership And Free Open Source Software Leadership Training Learning To Learn Leiva, Rafael Garcia Le Minh Hoang Lena Zuniga Leonberg (city) Lessig, Larry Let The Code Decide Libraries And Open Source Librarires And Open Source Lindependence 2008 Lindependence 2008, B-roll Felton, California Lindependence Day Lindows LinEx Linspire Linus Torvalds Linux Linux, And Third Party Applications Linux, Robustness Of Linux, Stability Of Linux, Unix History Linux And GNU Linux And Third Party Applications Linux As Collective Innovation Linux City Linux Compatibility With Microsoft Windows Linux Distros Like Auto Makers Linux History Linux In Telecenters Linux Journal Linux Outperforms Windows Linux Professional Institute Linux Standards Linux Versus Windows Admin Needs Linux World And Microsoft Linux World Expo Littman, Evan LiveCDs LiveCDS LNUX Local Control Local Economic Development Localization Of Open Source Software Lock-in And Apple Lock-in And Microsoft Lockdown, Practical Advantages In Avoiding Long, Anthony Los Angeles Los Angeles, California Low-end Disruption Lowering Barriers To Entry Lower Tier Customers Lower Tier Custormers Luis Casas Luengo Luis Millan Vazquez De Miguel Luis Nassif Lula Da Silva, And Open Source Lungujja Women's Association Lynch, Ian Mac, On Maddog Hall Madrid Madrid LinuX Maeda, Seiya Magnatune Maho Nakata Making Of The DTP Malcom X And Free Open Source Software Male, Caucasian, 30, Blue Sweater, Seated, Muscular, Medium Shot Male, Caucasian, White Hair, Glasses, Outside Shot, Medium Shot, Green Background Male, Russian, 30s, Blond Hair, Short, Muscular Build Male, Tall, Jeans, Black T-shirt, Caucasian, Long-shot, Medium Shot Malmrose, Anna Malmrose, Cathy Malmrose, Earl Malmrose, Jake Malmrose, Kory Malmrose, Vincent Mandrake MandrakeSoft Mandriva Mandriva, Hemispheric Revenue Breakdown Marcelo Branco Marcelo Marques Marcelo Tas March Up Market Marc Merlin Marc Silverman Margaret Aranyosi Maria Winslow Mariva Aviram Marketing, Linux Commercials Markos Moulitsas Marques, Marcelo Martin Luther King And Free Open Source Software Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Mass Movement Needed To Displace Microsoft MaX GNU/Linux Distro Mayor Of Schwaebisch Hall McCreesh, John Mcell McGill University McKinsey And Co. Media Images Of Open Source Menezes, Claudio MEPIS Merida Meritocracy Meritocrcacy Merlin, Marc Messman, Jack Metz, Adam Mexico Michael Robertson Michael Shaw Microsoff "Get The Facts" Campaign Microsoff Windows, And Third Party Applications Microsoft Microsoft "Get The Facts" Campaign Microsoft's .Net Microsoft's Donations Facilitating Lock-in Microsoft's Response To Free Open Source Software Microsoft's Troubles With Windows Vista Microsoft And Brazil, Conflicts Microsoft And Closed Licenses Microsoft And Lock-in Microsoft And Schwaebisch Hall Microsoft And The Developing World Microsoft Anti-trust Case Microsoft As A Monopolist Microsoft As A US Company Microsoft As Evil Or Not Microsoft Competing With Itself Microsoft Disrupts Heavy Metal Microsoft Exchange Microsoft FUD Microsoft History Microsoft Like The Roman Empire Microsoft Office Microsoft Performance Deficiencies Microsoft Pressuring US Agency Re Internet Explorer Microsoft Raids A Business Microsoft Redmond Campus Image Microsoft Spyware Microsoft Versus IBM Microsoft Versus Unix Microsoft Windows And Root Access Microsoft Windows As A Car With Welded Hood Microsoft Windows As A Disruptive Technology Microsoft Windows Displacing Free Open Source Software Alternatives Microsoft Windows Disruptes IBM Midani, Andre Miguel De Icaza Military Applications Of Free Open Source Software Millan Vazquez De Miguel, Luis Minister Of Infrasctructure & Technology Development Minister Of Infrastructure And Technology Development Minorities And Free Open Source Software Mirano Cafiero Mireles, Ricardo Misa Grannis Missrogue Mobile Devices And Free Open Source Software Modularity And Disruptive Innovations Modularity And Open Source Money A Dirty Word In FOSS Groups Monitor Group Mono Mono Project And Novell Montreal, Canada Moody, Chris Moore, Jay Moulitsas, Markos Move On Move Movie Industry And Free Open Source Software Mozilla In Telecenters Multimedia And Linux Munich, Mayor Of Munich And Open Source, History Of Murdock, Ian Murrell, William Music And Free Open Source Software Music Performed Live For DTP Cameras Myasthenia Gravis Nakata, Maho NASA And Free Open Source Software Nassif, Luis Natalia Ulrych Natasha Humphries Nat Friedman National Science Foundation Native Language Support Nelson Pavlosky NeoOffice Newbie Contributions To The Code New York Times New York Times And Blogs Nigeria No Center Of Gravity None Norris, Elisabeth Norris, Will North America Nothing Novell Novell's History Novell And GNOME, KDE Novell And Linux Novell And Ximian Novell Evolution Novell NetWare Novell Versus Microsoft Novell ZEN NSF Obama, Barack Obstacles To Free Open Source Software Obstacles To Free Open Source Software, Locked Internet Obstacles To Free Open Source Software, Marketing Obstacles To Free Open Source Software, Testing Office Of Management And Budget, US Old Hardware & Open Source Old Hardware, Open Source And Old Hardware And Open Source Old Hardware Open Source OLPC On-line Vide One Laptop Per Child OOo OpenApp Open Code Open Hardware And Open Source, French Native Language Project, Support Structure And Freedom And Sun Microsystems As A Replacement For Microsoft Office German Language Project Lead In Telecenters Japanese Language Project Marketing Lead Native Language Confederation Resellers Versus Microsoft Office Open Society Institute Open Source, International Nature Of Open Source And Jobs In Scotland Open Source And Schools Open Source And Sovereignty Open Source And The Free Market Open Source Applications Used More Than Open Source Operating Systems Open Source As "Green" Politics Open Source As "powerful Force" Open Source As A Disruptive Technology Open Source Business Models, Licensing Fees Open Source Evangelists Open Source GUIs Getting Better Open Source In Developing World Open Source In Law Open Source Inventory Control Open Source Plays Well With Proprietary Software Open Source Software Open Source Software And Democracy Open Source Software And Domocracy Open Source Software And Journalism Open Standards, Importance Of Oracle Organizing And Open Source Ortega, Larry Other Artists Out-takes Overshot Customers Overshot Cutomers Owning The Code Paco Huertas Palm One Palm Trees Parental Control Filters Parliament Participatory Partisan Patrick Harvey Paul Donahue Pavlosky Pavlosky, Nelson Pearsall, C. Robert Pedersen, Rolf Peer Review Pelgrim, Hermann-Josef Pen And Paper Penguin Computing Perens, Bruce Person In The Street Interviews Peters, Stormy Pets Phipps, Simon Pia Waugh Piracy Pitonyak, Andrew Planned Obsolescence And Proprietary Software Player Project Free Open Source Robotics Software Political Organizing Pornography Filters Porto Alegre Porto Alegre, Brazil Prahacs, Chris President Of Brazil President Of Brazil's Technology Agency President Of Microsoft, Brazil Price Sensitive Customers Printing Press, Open Source As Printing Press, Open Source Software As Problems With Open Source, Clunky GUIs Progeny Proof Of Concept Proof Of Concept, Four Mins Proof Of Concept, Nine Mins Proprietary Software As Anti-social Proprietary Software Like Joiniing A Gang Public Square, Spain, Long Shot, Medium Shot, Close Up Queensland, Australia Rafael Garcia Leiva Rahemipour, Jacqueline Raymond, Eric S. RealNetworks Real Time Linux Rebellion Against Microsoft & The US Red Hat Redrejo, Jose Redrejo, Jose Luis (Rodriguez) Redrejo, Jose Luis Rodriguez Redwoods Refrigerators Using Open Source Retail Free Open Source Activism Retail Stores, Free Open Source Software Retired Minister RFID RIAA's Dying Biz Model Ricardo Mireles Richard Stallman Ridley The Wonder Dog Riseforth Rising Tide Of Open Source Disruption Rivera, Elmer RMS Robert Pearsall Robertson, Michael RoboNexus Convention, Santa Clara, California Robots Robots, Swimming Robots, White Box 912, 914 ROI Of Open Source Software Rolf Pedersen Roy Clay Rubio Hernandez, Jesus Rufle, Eric Rufle, Stephen Rufus Laggren Russian SaaS SaaS, IBM Sacrifices For Free Software Saigon SalesForce Salk Institute Sam Hiser Sam Hiser's Personal History With OOo Sanches, Wilken David San Diego San Diego, California San Francisco, California Santa Clara, California Santino, Flavio Santo Andre, Brazil Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, History Of Open Source In Sao Paulo, Praca Ramos De Azevedo Square Sao Paulo, Telecenters In SAP Sato, Jin Saufer, Jacob Saved Us, Boncilhon Quote Savings Savings Through Open Source Schnabel, Andre School Park, Santo Andre Schools And Open Source Schools As Overshot Customer Schools As Overshot Customers Schools As Undershot Customers Schulz, Charles Schwaebisch Hall Schwaebisch Hall And Microsoft Schwarzenneger Science And Free Open Source Software Scientific Method SCO, And Novell's SuSE Linux Scotland Scotland, And Open Source Scottish Parliamentarian Scratch An Itch Sean Sean Kellogg Sean Shah Searls, Doc Seiya Maeda Se Legal, Copia LinEx Self-determination Self Determination Sergio's History Sergio Amadeu Server Racks Shah, Sean Shaw, Michael Siberia, Russia Silence Represents A Betrayal Silliness Silona Bonewald Silverman, David Silverman, Marc Similarities Between Free And Open Source Software Simon Phipps Singleton, Gerry Slashdot Small And Medium Business Small Businesses And Open Source Smaller Small Medium Business Market Smith, Chad Social Computers Social Justice And FOSS Profits Social Software Software Commons Software Libre Software Patents Software Patents In Europe Some Assembly Required Sony Disrupted RCA Sophie Gautier Sourceforge SourceForge Sovereignty And Open Source Sovereignty As A Motivating Factor For Free Open Source Migration Soviet Microsoft Spain Spain, Extremadura Spyware Spyware, Microsoft Squeak Squeakland Dot Org Squeak Software Stability Of Linux Compelling For Schwaebisch Hall Stacking Knowledge Stakeholders In Open Source Stakes Are High Stallman's Family Life Stallman's Life Stallman's Quest For A Home Stallman's Role In FSF, Stallman, Richard Stallman On Business Models For Free Software Stallman On Proprietary Software Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants Star Star Division Starks Starks, Ken Star Office Star Office Differences From OpenOffice Star Wars Stephen Rufle Sterling Ball Steve Weber Stickiness Of Free Open Source Software Stone, Antonia "Toni" Stone, Victor Stormy Peters Strobl, Christine Subversion Success Of Open Source Sucking Applications, Microsoft And IBM Sucking Applications, Sony And Transistor Radios Sucking Applications And Customers Out Of Original Value Network Summers, Julian Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems And OpenOffice Sun Microsystems Developer Sun Microsystems Sun China Engineering Institute Supercomputers SuSE SuSE Linux SuSE Linux History With Novell Sustainability Of Free Open Source Software Swarming Swarthmore College Swimming Robots Switching A Friend Synergy In Open Code Production Tadahiro Kawada Tape 177 Tara Hunt Tas, Marcelo TCO Of Open Source Software Teachers And Open Source Technology As Legislation Technology Inclusiveness Initiative Teddy The Bichon-poodle Telecenters Telecenters And Crime Telecenters And Open Source Telecentros Telecultura Telecultura, History Of Teller, Enric Templeton, John William Texas The Cost Of Free Software TheHill88 The Internet And Free Open Source Software The Stallman Notebook Incident The World Is Flat Thin Clients Thomas Bartol Thomas Burick TiVo TJ Kooz Too Late For Market Leader Toronto, Canada Toronto Schools Massive Move Torvalds, Linus Townworth, UK Tragedy Of The Anti-commons Training Costs Translation Of Open Source Software Traquitana (Brazilian DIY) Traquitania Treacherous Computing Tribal Knowledge Group Trigger, Joel Tristan Collins Trust As The Currency Of Free Open Source Software Trusted Computing Trust Elections Trust Free Open Source Software Trust Voting Machines Tsunami, Digital Tipping Point As Tux Tux 500 TV Cultura Twin Brothers Of Different Mothers UC Berkeley Ude, Christian Uganda Ulrych, Natalia Undermining Elections UNESCO Unethical To Not Share Free Software United Kingdom United Nations Development Program Unix, History Of User-friendly GUIs User-friendly Software UTBM, France Ututo-e Value Add Is Packaging Value Networks, Competition Between Van Gulik, Dirk-Willem Van Ostrand, John VA Software Vaugh, Clyde Vendor Support For Open Source, Concerns About Vianna, Hermano Vice, Jack Victor Stone Vidoop Vietnam Vikram Dendi Vincent Malmrose Viral Trends Of Adoption Rates Of New Technology Virtualization Viruses, Users Leaving Microsoft Due To Viruses And Internet Explorer Vladimir Glazounov Voter Turn-out Voter Turn Out And Trust Voting Voting Machines Walmart And Open Source Wan, William Li Water Line Of FOSS Commoditization Always Rising Waugh, Pia Weber, Steve Wendt, David We The Media Where's Microsoft Whuffie Wikipedia Wilken David Sanches William Fischer William Li Wan William Murrell Will Norris Wimp Out (ISPs) Windows User Winslow, Maria Wohl, Amy Word-of-mouth WorldSpace Wyrick, Kenneth X, Malcolm And Free Open Source Software Ximian Ximian And Novell Xubuntu Lab X Windows X Window System, History Of Yankee Group TCO Study Yoda You Own Nothing With Proprietary Software Your Loss, Says Stallman You Say Potato... YouTube Zuniga, Lena